Digital Revolution for the Clothing Industry






z-emotion is the architect of the Next Gen Virtual Sampling Engine

Physics Maps

The Physics Maps visualize the amount of fabric stretching,
tension and pressure onto body in colors. It is easy to understand the cloth fitting.

Material Library

The material Library is a repository to provide fabrics,
accessaries and other clothing parts to clothing designers.
It is customizable to host various material data for
fashion design teams.

Dynamic Body

With Dynamic Body, user can create their own avatar
with custom measurements in just a few clicks.
It enables user to develop and share their fit designs on
custom avatarts that matches to their brands.

Realistic Rendering

  Real-time high quality rendering

  GPU-accelerated photo-realitic path tracing renderer

  Interactive viewport

VR environment

As a HTC partner, z-weave leverage the latest VR technology
and create a new experience for designers, stylist, artist,
buyers…With the VR headset, Z weave add a new dimension
in visualization, allowing better visual to make better decision.


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z-emotion is a team of passionate and close-knit professionals who can take on any challenge in the field of development consisting of fashion, engineer, and visual effects experts. We never take an easy path, we never go out of date, we always make the future in new, meaningful ways.

Dongwook Yi
Dongwook YiCEO
Dongsoo Han
Dongsoo HanCEO / CTO
Minyoung Lee
Minyoung LeeSoftware Engineer
Jeonghui Lee
Jeonghui LeeSoftware Engineer
Byoungju Kwak
Byoungju KwakSoftware Engineer
Jaemoon Choi
Jaemoon ChoiSoftware Engineer
Donghun Kim
Donghun KimSoftware Engineer
Cheonsu Kang
Cheonsu KangSoftware Engineer
Taegyu Kim
Taegyu Kim3D Graphic Designer
Moonkyung Park
Moonkyung ParkProject Manager
Hyunjin Lim
Hyunjin LimFinance Manager
Seulgi Lee
Seulgi LeeUI/UX Designer
Jason Yang
Jason YangAdviser
Heayoon Woo
Heayoon WooLegal and Business


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