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July 28th, 2019|

We have an exhibition at SIGGRAPH LA 2019. THRIVE TOGETHER Recharge and reboot at SIGGRAPH 2019, as multifaceted as you are—featuring global innovators who are changing what’s possible in computer [...]

HKPC in Hong kong

July 10th, 2019|

Re-industrialisation 3D Technology and Application Conference Topic - 3D technology apply in overseas intimate industry 3D technology was introduced in Hong Kong since 1990 and it is already popularized in [...]

    KBS Press Interview

    January 8th, 2019|

    Let's create an "innovative growth" VR and marine unicorn company. VR design program is attracting investments one after another, and its goal is for global businesses as it [...]



    The future belongs to the visionaries. z-emotion is proud to partner up with strong global technology companys and financial institutes. This is how z-emotion can strive for the best products in the new normal.

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    Our team

    z-emotion is a team of passionate and close-knit professionals who can take on any challenge in the field of development consisting of fashion, engineer, and visual effects experts. We never take an easy path, we never go out of date, we always make the future in new, meaningful ways.

    Dongsoo Han
    Dongsoo HanCEO / CTO
    Adam in
    Adam inCBO
    Jeonghui Lee
    Jeonghui LeeSr Software Engineer
    Byoungju Kwak
    Byoungju KwakSr Software Engineer
    Donghun Kim
    Donghun KimSoftware Engineer
    Sangho Lee
    Sangho LeeSoftware Engineer
    Hyukjae Yoo
    Hyukjae YooSr Software Engineer
    Taemin Hong
    Taemin HongSr Software Engineer
    Cheonsu Kang
    Cheonsu KangSoftware Engineer
    Younghoon Lim
    Younghoon LimSoftware Engineer
    Sewon Jeon
    Sewon JeonSoftware Engineer
    Michael Migliore
    Michael MiglioreSoftware Engineer
    Choonkwang Lee
    Choonkwang LeeSr 3D designer
    Ranyeong Kang
    Ranyeong Kang3D designer
    Celia Liu
    Celia LiuMarketing and Business Development Manager
    Moonkyung Park
    Moonkyung ParkSr Project Manager
    Seoyun Kang
    Seoyun KangProject Manager
    Seulgi Lee
    Seulgi LeeSr UI/UX Designer
    Seojin Park
    Seojin ParkUI/UX Designer
    Jiyeon Lee
    Jiyeon LeeFinance Manager
    Takahiro Harada
    Takahiro HaradaTechnical Adviser
    Researcher at AMD
    Jason Yang
    Jason YangTechnical Adviser
    CTO and Co-Founder at DGene
    Heayoon Woo
    Heayoon WooLegal and Business Adviser
    CEO at Clarion Law


    Any questions?

    Please feel free to reach out. We will be happy to talk to you!

    Head Office

    Busan Visual Industry Center suite 706,
    39, Centum seo-ro,
    Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea

    R&D Office

    Sinsoae Building, 13F,
    40, Teheran-ro 4-gil,
    Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea