HTC announced the fourth VIVE X Global Accelerator Project List.
AR / VR solutions

New York City, USA, USA (Nov. 16, 1018 – 1018) – Global Smart Telephone and Virtual Reality Design Leader HTC (HTC), Inc., announced the fourth VIVE X Global AcceleratIon Project to be selected for the new team.

Ever since the establishment of VIVE X 2016, it has invested approximately 100 startup companies in AR / VR field, which has proved to be one of the world’s most stable and active investment institutions.The AR / VR industry continued to grow and became the mainstream technology of the market, and VIVE X AcceleratIon Project has covered vertical market development.According to TractIca TractIca TractIca TractIca, the company will offer an annual business opportunity of US$ 1825 billion, and the fourth team will be able to re-examIne the application of VR technology.VIVE X also continues to focus on developing training simulation, site entertainment experience module, and data visualization tools such as virtual video tools, site entertainment experience module, etc.

Marc MetIs, vice president of HTC VIVE, said, ” We are not only looking for potential drives to drive the public into the market, but focus on how to integrate their applications into corporate working environments.Choose a team that helps train employees, improve workplace security, improve cooperation and obtain customer tools, and practice our commitment to upgrade corporate experience. ”

The aim of VIVE X is to help create, nurture and strengthen the global VR cycle.Apart from equity investment, VIVE X also offers a variety of resources and expertise, including strategic planning, business development, technical support and marketing resources.

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The fourth VIVE X Global AcceleratIon Project is as follows :


San Francisco

· VIsby developed holographic imaging software that extends the reality to virtual worlds.VIsby’s optical field technology allows professionals to shoot and distribute images of content and holographic images.

·Primitive and immersion vision are the future of software development.Through PRIMIVE interfaces, complex software analysis converts complex software analysis into immersion VR 3 D structure.

·Modal co-founder Nolan Bushnell, co-founder of AtarI and Cheese E. Cheese, brings together social, funny and fixed VR sites for the public.

· YbvR MultI-InvestIgatIon ObjectIve-InvestIgatIon Technique Supporting StructuralIzatIon Technique Support for 8 K-DecoratIon DIscrepancy

· MyndVR is a health and health care company specializing in residential assistance, long-term retirement care communities (CCRCs), Veterans Home, and more than 55 community and home care providers.



· Immersive Factory has developed VR training programs based on reality, and all training programmes are related to VeolIa, EDF, Colas, SaInt GobaIn, Suez.

· LIV lets VR live more easily and simultaneously, since April 2018, it has created more than 500 million vIrtuosometrIcs in social media, and has created the world’s largest VIrtual community.

·Kagenova is developing core technology to create a large-scale interactive feel for the next generation.Their first product, KageMove, supports 360 movies through six degrees of freedom.



· 360 StorIes, through immersion of 360 video images and storytelling, make viewers feel like walking through various tourist attractions.By 360 StorIes, users can feel that they are closer to the spot.

· Z-EmotIon is a 3 D design platform for garments, knitwear and sports products.

·Pumpkin Studio is committed to providing a variety of opportunities for VR games, such as ” LBE ” and ” SmIlegate ” and SmIlegate and SmIlegate.



· Inload focused on the R&D and promotion of VR street machines, the company has first-class technology R&D lab, VR video studio, hardware production base and brand operation team.The equipment is located in the Shenzhen Municipal Shopping Mall, and is ready to extend to all major areas of China.

·Yaoan Core Group has 20 years of professional experience, introducing VR architecture, VR virtual training system, VR system, safety education cloud platform, etc., and has become a new star in China’s security education and training.



·Ifgames is one of the first vIrtual-to-state productions in China.Ifgames have released the latest version of ” electronic domination ” in major cities in China, and has won praise from the players.

·ShIny VR, which has been built for decades, has built up a key component of the National Defense Research Center, which has been designed for China’s first largest passenger carrier C 919.SYVR engines offer instant simulated simulation, experiment, training, concept design, visual design.

·Yuangi VIrtualIzatIon VR VIsualIzatIon System, which allows the crime scene to be restored to the scene, allows the crime scene to be reduced to more direct and accurate presentation of justice, which can speed up the process of justice and justice.


Tel Aviv

·SIxdof Space succeeded in developing a high speed and high accuracy tracking technology.This combination of optical, electronic and electronic algorithm is provided for the industry of various fields of industry.

· Ayayu Games developed, creating and creating and creating a virtual action controller who is seeking to manipulate their characters in VR games and interact with them.


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