Making and buying clothes may change. Expect VR-based fashion design technology #SIGGRAPHAsia

I want to choose between “fit” and “looks.”

I’m visiting SIGGRAPH Asia 2018! It’s crowded because it’s my first Tokyo event, and the first article was a clothing design VR under development by South Korea’s Z-EMOTION, which was located right after entering the venue, and will go into the VR.


I’m going into the VR world with head mounts, and I’m going to show you a small mannequin with a folder, a stop button, etc., which was a little smaller than I was 166 centimeters tall.In the future, mannequins will be prepared by system.

There was a paper pattern floating around the mannequin, using the remote control to select a clothing design from the folders and use the grip to stick it into the paper pattern.Clicking the play button will sew your clothes together to fit you.

It may be used to buy the one to make
As it is in the development stage, I could not confirm how it looks to fit the body according to the material and texture of the cloth, and the response was slow and the ala was conspicuous.When I took off the hood and turned it into a cut saw, I had to take the hood and tear it off.(I thought it was smarter to erase it there.)

As I spoke to you, smart apparel manufacturing with this VR was developed to change the job of designers and pattern makers.But I felt that this could change the shopping experience of consumers, not designers or pattern makers.

If the return amount decreases, everyone will be happy
When shopping online, there are many shops where you can return the item after you try it on, but it’s not easy for you to return the item, so you can use your data to make your own avatar and dress up.ZOZOSUIT is a system to pick up your data and buy exactly what you want, but I think the best fit for your body and the best clothes to show you yourself are different.I don’t think that’s data, it’s self-judgment.Therefore, I think there is a merit that you can buy it after checking with your own eyes “how much cloth fits your chest and buttocks” and “how many collars are open.”

Expect for custom-made clothes
I also thought it would be possible to distribute software to consumers free of charge and order clothes that I designed from a specialist to make my own original clothes.

It seems like I’m hoping that I can put it on the consumer base in the future, but that’s still going to be a long way to go.

Last but not least. When I put on my head mount, I put on this mask. It’s like a mask cosplay.


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