Applying 3D technology to clothing design…Significantly reduce the production process of clothes.

– Development of a program to reduce garment processes
– Taiwan HTC’s Start-up, which ranks second in the world’s share of VR devices.
– “A year to make new design clothes.
– Billions of savings in a week-long process.”

Recently, the weekend drama “Memoirs of the Alhambra Palace” starring Hyun Bin, Park Shin-hye is the talk of the town. As the protagonist experiences VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Improved Reality) games, he is captivating viewers with unusual material that gets caught up in strange things.

Chairman Lee Dong-wook of Z-EMOTION explains why he was selected as a startup support program for Taiwan’s HTC, which ranks second in VR devices in the world. Jeon Min-chul, a reporter
While there is growing interest in how much virtual reality will be implemented in the real world, a Busan-based company called Z-EMOTION has decided to enter Taiwan. It is expected that its entry into global markets will become a rapid trend as it was selected by Taiwan’s HTC, which has the second largest market share in VR devices, as a VIVE X program. The company, which was noted for its application of VR technology to the apparel manufacturing process, is the only Korean among 18 startups in the world that were selected for the HTC VIVE X program. “It will be easy to access a variety of businesses around the world as it is selected for this support program,” said Lee Dong-wook (47), CEO of G-Motion.

GIMO has developed a program called Z-WEAVE. The program combines 3D technology with clothing design. Because it boasts faster speed than current cadds, it is exceptionally fast to simulate design of costumes.

It is expected that if this technology is applied to clothing industry, manufacturing process period will be drastically reduced. Until now, designers made costumes and made samples first to show them to customers. It is going through a process of accepting customer’s requirements to improve design and re-create and confirm samples. Clothes that have been finalized will be sent to a manufacturing partner regarding clothing and will start operation of factories in earnest. It takes about a year to create a new design. “It would be easy to understand that clothes that are in fashion in the year are actually produced a year ago.” said CEO Lee.

Jibe implements 3D-based screen at the same time next to 2D-based screen. The design made in 2D is applied to mannequins in 3D space. You can see the material color, fit, and so on in advance. Lee compared the process to the printing process. Unlike in the past when it took a month to produce a book, the use of a computer has opened up a world where the design of a book can be produced in two to three days. “As a result of operating VR programs, which are similar to ‘JiWeb’ in Europe, we have reduced our process by a week and reduced costs by billions of won,” Lee said. “I think it will be a breakthrough for the clothing industry.”

The group was developed by Han Dong-soo, the current co-chairman of G-Mission. Lee, who was born and raised together in Saha-gu, Busan, graduated from Seoul National University with a degree in mechanical engineering and completed a master’s degree in computer science at the University of the U.S. Lee had 20 years of experience in the design industry, and the two worked together to establish Ji-Motion in September last year.

The first market that GIMO will target is Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a place where manufacturing partners of famous clothing brands are concentrated in Europe and the United States. Hong Kong gives manufacturing instructions to garment processing plants in China and Southeast Asia, and connects consumers such as the United States and others. Therefore, it is expected that there will be a high demand for ‘gewib’ programs based in Hong Kong.

In addition, Lee has met with U.S., France, Italy, and Japan to secure customers. “We accepted customer requirements and continued to improve the ‘gewib’ program. This was the decisive opportunity for the HTC VIVE X program. We will target the global market with unique programs. Reporter Min Geon-tae

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