Re-industrialisation 3D Technology and Application Conference
Topic – 3D technology apply in overseas intimate industry

3D technology was introduced in Hong Kong since 1990 and it is already popularized in different local industries. However, it has not been popular used in fashion and apparel industry. Hong Kong Productivity Council has launched a project titled as “To Promote the 3D Design & Technology for Fashion/Garment Industry in Supporting Re-industrialisation”. This project is organized by Hong Kong Productivity Council and funded by Innovation and Technology Commission (Innovation and Technology Fund, General Support Programme) of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government.

The project is included 1 International Conference, 3 Technical Workshops and 4 Application Sharing Seminars. Objective is help Hong Kong fashion/apparel practitioners have a better understand 3D technology and promote their application of 3D technology. It also in line with Hong Kong Government’s re-industrialisation plan, help the application of 3D technology in fashion/apparel industry integrate with foreign countries.

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